The total worth of a brand is greater than the sum of its parts.
Ultimately the Soul of a brand is not one single thing but a combination of traits. The correct balance is what creates success. Our AW-Sum process builds off a solid, strategic foundation and explores all aspects of a brand’s personality – delivering the correct combination that will create the strongest bond with an audience.

For example a brand may say they are “modern”, “hand-made crafty”, “gourmet” and they may be all of those things but they can’t say all of those things with equal emphasis. We are experts at visualizing each of those traits and creating the correct proportion. That is the AW-Sum process. Our design exploratory process is a little bit ‘mad scientist’ mixed with ‘hungry artist’. Mixing different elements and making it look stunning. Look for sample exploratories under projects in the work section.

Exploratory Process

Look at some of our process in action.