Uncovering the core essence of a brand is only the start. The true power and value of a brand comes from maintaining consistencies across different brand manifestations. We enjoy being involved in all areas of branding.


The depth of our design exploratory phases is unmatched! Exploratory phases are an opportunity for a brand to explore what it is and what it can be. We leave no stone unturned and often over deliver. We identify several traits of a brand like “crafty” or “wholesome” for example and then explore how each of those traits can lead the brand. Ultimately a brand’s soul is not one thing but the right combination of all of its traits – the sum of its parts. This is the AW-Sum process!


We always start with a sound strategy. Even when clients comes to us with a strategy we will challenge it and make sure it is unique and relevant. If strategy needs to be developed, then we will work with one of our partners for repositioning or brand creation.

There is no trademark process that we force fit projects into. We deliver solutions based on your unique situation. Each problem and brand is different and requires a different road map. We evaluate the circumstances and construct a unique methodology for each project.


Brands have hopes and dreams and aspire to go someplace bigger and better. Innovation is the opportunity for brands to explore who they are and what they could be, to find out what they mean to consumers and to deepen the bond by developing products that fill a core need. The process is creative and relatively risk free because ideas are explored and tested virtually before making a major commitment of capital. We can manage the entire innovation process from concept to research or simply help visualize ideas of your internal team.

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